Transcript Mythbreaker


???: Splendid. We have ourselves a champion.

???: ...before we continue our chat, I will tell you my name. You must be dying to know.

???: Come forth.

???: I am the Mythoclast.

You feel as if reality itself is warped by the name...

The Mythoclast: I’m pleased to see that my name still has that effect on frail minds.

The Mythoclast: What you see before you is my self portrait. A rare sight; very few have seen, let alone witnessed my true self.

The Mythoclast: Now, go on. Claim your winnings.


The Mythoclast: Feel its strength. Its rule over time… its raw, unhindered power.

The Mythoclast: It's remarkable that Avsohm was able to forge it. A shame they had to go.

The Mythoclast: They posed a threat to me, and thus a threat to everyone and everything. I foresaw a future where they took my crown.

The Mythoclast: I’m not sure if you could tell based on their many misdeeds, but they were not worthy of it… and no one ever will be.

The Mythoclast: Of course, this destruction of lives and endless ruin leads many to criticize my actions. They are overpowered by emotion. The greatest weakness of the mortal psyche.

The Mythoclast: They fail to see what I do is fair and just. It protects them and protects the future of everything.

The Mythoclast: Countless unable to understand that, even if chances are astronomically slim, it can still happen. The crown can leave my possession and be taken by one who will misuse it.

The Mythoclast: It’s a crisis that could cause the end of the cosmos and all matter within it. It only makes sense to take every possible safeguard to prevent it.

The Mythoclast: Despite this, many see it as paranoia and anxiety.

The Mythoclast: They have given me names because they see me as wrong. The Lord of Nihilism, the King of Nothing…

The Mythoclast: ...the callous Creator of Everything.

The Mythoclast: I pay no attention to them. Their rage is only chemical reactions with little bearing on reality.

The Mythoclast: Yet, in your attempt to quiz me, you ask, ‘Why threaten Drehmal and its realm?’

The Mythoclast: Drehmal is old, frail. Ready to suffocate in nothingness. Death approaches, and pain flourishes amongst its creation. Their souls are ready to move on to the next realm.

The Mythoclast: What happens tomorrow is greater than what happens today. Warmth and zeal thrive best in a new microcosm.

The Mythoclast: Why delay the creation of a new world when the present one is rotten? Its souls suffer when they could instead prosper.

The Mythoclast: Again, many disagree and want to push back against my will.

The Mythoclast: But you - you can be different. With this knowledge, you can see the truth. Even if it’s only for a moment in the grand scheme of the universe…

The Mythoclast: You have the opportunity to see me as the fair and just arbiter of everything.

The Mythoclast: Unfortunately, it will not last long. When you give in to entropy, and pass through my Court, your memories will be forgotten. Wiped from existence.

The Mythoclast: There will come a time where we meet again and you no doubt will disagree with my actions, as you won’t know the code I follow.

The Mythoclast: And you will have to die there.

The Mythoclast: I exist alone in a universe that I protect and regulate. I am hated for it and always will be. It is something I have come to accept but is something I can't help but despise.

The Mythoclast: I believe I’ve said enough.

The Mythoclast: As I mentioned - our paths will intersect once more. In another place, another realm, you as a new person but the same soul.

The Mythoclast: I look forward to that moment.

The Mythoclast: Enjoy your new destroyer of myths.