Transcript Divine Ruins


???: Welcome. To the fallen home of divinity.

???: I told you we would be chatting again.

???: I'm sure you have many questions. Do not worry - your appetite for knowledge will end soon.

???: The pursuit of forbidden knowledge is dangerous.

???: A pursuit which must be answered with misery.

???: You will understand this in time.

???: You simply do not know the gravitas of what you are dealing with.

???: Why would you? You are nothing but a speck in an infinite expanse of Nothing.

???: I'm sorry. That was quite rude of me.

???: I wouldn't want to scare off my new acquaintance, would I?

???: Back to your current task - you have done well.

???: Onto the next.

Primal Mind: Deep within the mountain of holes, lies a place that will empty your soul.