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Drehmal: Why have you come here, disturbing my slumber?

???: You know very well why I’m here.

Drehmal: I do not.

???: You overestimate my patience, wyrm.

Drehmal: No, please, tell me why a being of your status would come before me on this day of nothing.

???: You allowed a group of low-lifes to enter the mountain. They discovered the existence of Nothing.

Drehmal: That, I am aware.

???: Why would you allow them to do so?

Drehmal: Why would I prevent them from doing so?

???: You know very well why. Has your age affected your memory? Do you not recall the fate of Avsohm?

Drehmal: I remember you cast that monstrosity upon them. That abhorrent being which left holes across my realm, swallowed my people into Nothing.

???: And you know why that had to happen.

Drehmal: Because you are afraid, afraid of the prospect that you might lose that precious crown.

???: You believe me to act selfishly.

Drehmal: You do.

???: My serpentine friend, you are the selfish one. You are the one allowing your people to suffer in this dying world, why do you let them suffer further?

Drehmal: We’ve had this discussion before. My mind will not change, and neither will yours.

???: Very well. But do not think this 'accident' will be forgotten.

Drehmal: And what are you to do? Cast your blade into my torso, tear me from existence scale by scale? Or are you to collapse my world and bring about your so-called day of reckoning?

???: You are in over your head, snake. I believed you wise enough to know not to mock me.

Drehmal: It matters not, I am aware of my impending demise. It is surely inevitable.

???: Enough.

Drehmal: You truly strike fear into my soul.

???: I said that’s enough.

Drehmal: Very well.

???: Your tone offends me. You act as if you are a step ahead, but that is not true. There is no destiny. There is only a need, a function, a necessary evil. It will come to pass no matter what you do. Your realm, your people, are just another point in time. Another stepping stone, another inconvenience. You are not special. You are nothing.

Drehmal: Can we not reach a compromise?

???: I do not deal in compromises.

Drehmal: I do not wish for my people to simply vanish into Nothing.

???: No object, no soul, no realm ever vanishes into Nothing. It is reused, recycled, reborn. It is before my Court where I decide its path in this endless web of fates.

Drehmal: You are a liar. You took Tethlaen, twisted and abused him as if he were simply a tool. Lured him to the North with that very same mountain under the guise of a mystical disturbance, not a trap. I do not wish that fate upon my Drehmari.

???: Oh, but you fail to see, Drehmal - Tethlaen was of great use to me. What better way to protect one's existence than rewriting the definition of fear itself to revolve around me, the unknown, the unthinkable, the unfathomable, the nothing?

Drehmal: You truly are a sickening creature. One day you shall be stopped, and your crown taken as it should have been long ago. When you come to slay me like the valiant knight you believe yourself to be, my dying wish shall be exactly that. May you consider it.

???: If only you could imagine the number of times I have been told that by every soul in existence. Alas, you cannot, as you are nothing but a simple-minded snake.

Drehmal: Begone from this place. Leave me to my rest, ???.


???: It appears as if someone has tuned into our conversation.

???: ...Interesting. Very intriguing. You’re that archaic temporal stasis project. I thought my Emissary had finished you off. Rather unusual for him to leave the job undone.

???: Consider yourself lucky that I do not cast you aside right now.

???: I pity you… to an extent. Your perceptions of Avsohm’s machinations are terribly limited. Your goal was hopeless, unwinnable from the start. Above all, you come from a doomed timeline.

???: What a horrible fate.

???: Do not mistake what you overheard in our ‘debate’. Drehmal thinks of me as heartless, cruel, sickening - any related adjective. That is but a fabrication of false truths. To prove it, I can offer you a gift. One with the power to destroy fables, legends, and myths.

???: Alas, I cannot provide you the real thing, as it is mine and mine alone. But, the weapon you see held within the Terminus is a replica, albeit inaccurate in its raw strength. It can be yours, if you promise me this.

???: Listen to what I have to say. Take notice of what will be presented to you. Then, you will be granted the right to wield Avsohm’s imitation.

???: Return to the Terminus, and your journey for power and knowledge will begin.

???: You’ll hear from me again soon.