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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia

Story Progression

Main Story

Upon first interacting with a tower, players will be taken to [[the Terminus]] and a message from avSYS will be displayed in chat explaining that about 3.5% (one twenty-eighth) of the system has been activated. This is intended to direct players to find more towers and activate them.

As players activate towers, there are specific story progressions that are unlocked. Each step does not need to be completed in order for the following to unlock.

  • At 25%, players will be requested to visit the Ancillary Research Facility Sal'Mevir
  • At 50%, players will be requested to visit the [[Exodus Citadel]]
  • At 75%, players will be deemed worthy of additional Terminus privileges, and be able to open the Administrative Chamber
  • At 100%, once players activate the button inside the Administrative Chamber, they will be requested to visit Mt. Yavhlix. Once Mt. Yavhlix has been completed, the // ERROR // door inside the Terminus will open.

The Administrative Chamber


The Administrative Chamber is an initially locked area of the Terminus, which can be accessed by pressing the button on the door at the end of the Island Towers hall, assuming the necessary number of towers have been activated. Inside the chamber are:

  • avSYS Material Exchange Unit - The unit will appear as a floating eye, and allow you to make some highly-rewarding trades. As of v2.1, the trades are:
    • 3 Diamonds + 5 Nautilus Shells = Trident
    • 3 Diamonds + 32 Prismarine = Heart of the Sea
    • 3 Rotten Flesh + 1 Ender Pearl = Phantom Membrane
    • 48 Fire Charges + 1 Poppy = Wither Rose
    • 1 Wither Rose + 32 Emeralds = Wither Skeleton Skull
    • 64 Nether Warts + 1 Potion of Harming = Aggression Elixir (Bad Omen V (10:00))
    • 16 Emeralds + 1 Diamond = 1 Bottle o' Enchanting
  • Mythbreaker Case - A case of yellow glass, first appearing to hold the famed Mythbreaker sword. Once the story is progressed, the case will open, and the item Cast Aside Thoughts will be present instead. (This item will regenerate whenever the Terminus is refreshed)
  • Dark button room - Activates the Mythbreaker Protocols if all towers are linked.

Other lore can be found in various books scattered across the world.


After defeating the [[boss#Tethlaen]] of the main story, the player can read [[a conversation#Transcript - Credits]] between Drehmal and a mysterious entity. Upon returning to the Terminus, a riddle (in the form of an advancement), found along with the Cast-Aside Thoughts, points them to the Divine Ruins, within [[Sunken Astral Body]] in the Akhlo'Rohma region: Travel east of the painted city, a fallen fragment from the home of the deities.

After completing the Divine Ruins dungeon, the player finds a Primal Mind. Another riddle, found along with it, points them to [[Mt. Yahvlix]] once again: Deep within the mountain of holes, lies a place that will empty your soul.

The player must then descend lower than the [[Primary Collection Facility]]'s sewers to find the [[Resonant Halls]], a haunting place infested with nightmarish creatures. At the end of the dungeon is a chamber, containing the eye Avsohmic scientists used to peer into realm unknown, and the Primal Soul. A third riddle, found along with it, points players to the Island of Dawn: Atop the island of the rising sun, the entrance to the hall of a king. A place where Nothing can be won, at the heart of everything.

Upon reaching the island, the player will find a yellow portal that wasn't there before. By entering it, they will be teleported to the Court, where a last boss fight awaits them... After the fight, the mysterious entity gives the player a Primal Heart and invites the player to join them in [[the Origin]] with a last riddle: As Hovadchear fell, you swear you heard him say "thank you". Return to the place where you had risen, lest you wish not to be chosen.

Inside the Origin, a secret passage opens when the Primal Heart is thrown in front of the statue of Drehmal. The mysterious entity then reveal its identity: he is the Mythoclast. He gives the player the mythical sword Mythbreaker and it is the end of the postgame.