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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia

Unnamed Books

Unnamed books with community assigned names and their content are on this page.

The Diary of Aspects Cataloguing

This book can be found in a manmade tower in the Verdant Labyrinth region.

Dear diary,

Today I began my cataloguing of the Aspects. I plan on writing about each of them in extensive detail, in the event that we are forced to come face to face with one. After all, a bandit group controlling such a large area could be cause for alarm... not deity alarm, but it's still good to have.

Day 2

Khive is incredibly intriguing. Could they be assumed to be the true creator of the realm, as they are the provider and creator of magic? Without Khive, the other Aspects would be unable to carry out their powers. Drehmal, Maelihs, and Virtuo would be mere mortals without Khive's blessing. Apparently, Khive doesn't mind - they like the lack of attention.

Day 7

Tethlaen is... incredibly odd. There's not much on him. He was last heard from in the 32nd year of the Second Avihm, before the Great Deity War. That's practically prehistoric. He supposedly flew too far north and fell off the face of the realm... but why? Why would a being of such great status do such a stupid thing? This just raises more questions. Can you really fall off the realm? What's at the edge? Is there nothing? This is exciting. Tethlaen will take up a good chunk of my research.

Day 21

After extensively looking through several papers that try to document pre-Deity War, I've come with some sort of conclusion... well, two pieces of information that most likely do not connect to each other at all. Early Drehmari art of Faehrcyle depicts it as the original, warmer (but still incredibly cold) climate it used to be... but there are zero references to Mt. Yavhlix, the tallest mountain in the realm. There is one very rudementary map depicting the northwestern coastline of the region and its most defining feature, Mt. Yavhlix, is completely missing. Just an ocean. These pieces are dated to be from the second decade of the Second Avihm, before Tethlaen disappeared. In the third decade, some pieces do map out the mountain in its entirety. This is also when traditional Faehrcylian fear-based culture began to form. All of this has hardly any connections, but this was the only major event I could find that happened during this time period. I'll try collecting further data and forming my own conclusion. Maybe I'll travel north myself.

Day 24

I'm still completely lost on this one. There is nothing else pointing to conclusive evidence on the true fate of Tethlaen, or the mysterious appearance of Mt. Yavhlix. I've all but given up for now. Maybe I'll return to this topic later.


This book can be found on a lectern in what looks to be a ruined chapel between the Grand Pike Canyon and Spearhead Forest regions.

Virtuo brought upon her wrath, channeling it towards the wretched Maelihs, fulfilling the will of the Drehmari. This was not enough to stop the God of Chaos, and so Virtuo sought help from the people that rose her up. The Virmari were then born of the Drehmari that wished to become closer to Virtuo. Many made a great pilgrimage to the Kiln of Virtuo in the Black Jungle to ascend beyond the form that they were given. But to become a Virmari was not so simple; the Goddess of Purity desired perfection, utter and complete absence of ill will. Those that Virtuo deemed suitable to become her most devoted patrons henceforth became the Virmari, angelic beings donned with crystalline anthers. Only a few hundred Virmari survived the conflicts with Maelihs. Many of them were those who never met the wrathful deity. May Maelihs be struck down, his evil calamity be taken from the realm, and the souls of his crimson armies be tortured.

Barvama Doh

The book can be found in the Faehrcyle region on a lectern under a white shelter.

Barhvama Doh, Barhvama Doh

Sinkloh Sahva Sahva Deih Sahva!

Sinkloh Sahva Sahva Deih Sahva!

Amargah Hahgg Grelehma, Broeghethem, Ferh, Dahrbardha!


Praise the Crown!

Praise the Throne!

Praise the Heart!

Praise the Nothing!

Long live the King!

Cryptic Warning

This book can be found in some building ruins on a cliff in the Gulf of Drehmal region.

To whomever reads this, proceed with caution. Use the bucket of water and travel to the Aether, run away. You do not want to be here any longer than you have to be. It's all we have le t of o r ra e . ..


These four books can be found on lecterns in the Faehrcyle region.

symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry symmetrysymmetry It continues in this pattern until page 26 where the text becomes asymmetry.


This book can be found on a lectern in the southern area of the Island of Dawn.

Finally, I've created a portal to Xivrhynt... but it doesn't work! I just wish to travel to the destroyed world and discover what beautiful things might lie there. Maybe it doesn't exist? Maybe the creation myth is false? This portal has enough energy, but... what more could it need?


This book can be found on a lectern in a building in Dusps.