Thresa's Journal

Thresa's Journal can be found in Mt. Yavhlix.

13th of Torahnlahu

Why must they not take this seriously? Our dimwitted commander does not realize the gravity of this situation. What the Resonant Eye has found is so unfathomable, so beyond our control, meddling with it will be our end.

20th of Torahnlahu

After further research, it seems that there is in fact an entity which controls this space. That controls the things we've found. It's coming to kill us, like that thing which crawled out of the portal. We have knowledge of it, and we will be punished for it.

That idiot commander thinks that we'll be able to take it. Sihf'mihk. There's no way. Absolutely none. There is no hope in this situation.

4th of Torahnsohma

It's been a couple weeks now since our discovery and I've contacted my friends Gohri and Vehmil to help. Avsohm has begun construction of protocols in case this goes wrong, but these are not enough - they assume that the empire will survive.

We have some volunteers for the project as well, including ourselves.

The temporal stasis chamber Vehmil constructed at the Primal Caverns will wipe the memories of participants and release them a couple years later - just to be safe. Using the activation towers already constructed for the Mythbreaker Protocols, the participant will be sent to the presumably destroyed Sal'Mevir and Exodus Citadel to gain knowledge of what's going on - as their memories will be wiped. This is all thanks to Gohri and her work with recoding avSYS.

Hopefully, by the time the participants are awakened, the entity will be gone and they will be free to shut down the collection of primal energy, should it continue afterwards. They can fix whatever went wrong, or try and stop it. I'm not really sure what would happen at this point, but maybe Avsohm can continue after this, with the work we've done. All that matters is we're hopeful. Hopeful for a better future. I guess it was a good thing they kept information about Yavhlix secretive.