The Weapon

The Weapon can be found in Mt. Yavhlix.

The Resonant Eye has created another image, or item, for us to interpret. It's a strange polearm - a long shaft, littered with stars, with a long yellow blade at the end made of what appears to be primal energy. It seems to be perfect in every way - perfectly smooth, no indents, no cracks, nothing. Even the blade, made of the most powerful, volatile substance we know of, is perfectly stable - even if it contains more primal energy we've ever used... times several million. The amount of power this object radiates is immense and we have no clue who or what it belongs to. Our commander has asked us to make a replica (a far, far weaker one, obviously) and use it for testing. Once it has been constructed and properly tested, the commander will take it and place it under extremely high security. They won't tell us where, unfortunately.