The Rise and Fall of Avsohm

This book can be found in Drabyel.

The Chosen Kingdom of the Central Plains had only formed a few centuries before, and it was ready for great change. Drehn Mal'sohm, son of the current ruler of the kingdom, Rohdirk Mal'sohm, refused to inherit the crown after his father's assassination. Drehn did not wish to to do so because he wished for a democratic kingdom, but it's current state did not allow that because of heavy influence from powerful nobles. After 13 years of the people begging for Drehn to take his father's place, he finally accepted, and became the Chosen Kingdom's ruler in Av2 1535. He then reformed the Kingdom into the Avsohmic Kingdom, meaning "One Group", united together. Drehn's primary goal was to unite the fractured Drehmari people together to better prepare themselves for another Deity War. Drehn's first major act was to move the capital from the corrupted Old Drabyel (which was destroyed in the Third Avihm by Maelihs' Chaos Outriders), to the more central city of Ihted. Later, a new capital was constructed named Av'sal, meaning "One City". The City has since been lost to time by landslides due to its location on the mountain slopes west of New Drabyel. Avsohm's diplomatic success was surprisingly succesful, and the first kingdom to agree to unite with them were the Tharhan Empire which had encompassed the present-day Tharxax Plains and Ebony Veldt. Unfortunately, with the death of Drehn Mal'sohm to a devastating plague in Av2 1687, the Avsohmic Empire slowly declined in stability and strong rulers. Drehn's successor was Emperor Zorhis Ifeihl. Ifeihl was popular among the populace at first, but quickly fell out of favor when their management of the ongoing war with the Tri-Moon Theocracy went south, resulting in the deaths of thousands at the hands of the undead. Ifeihl's successor would be Avsohm's last emperor, Uffhiel Anyr. Emperor Anyr was loved by the people of Avsohm because of his great military prowess. The growing threat of an invasion from Mael's Sanctum allowed Emperor Anyr to conduct military tactics that would be seen as outrageous today. For example, he transferred himself to the city of Sal'Anyr west of the Tharxax Plains. Avsohm met its end after a mysterious event resulted in the disappearance of many of the empire's military and higher-ups. Mael took this moment of chaos to invade, and was successfuly able to conquer all of the West. Many began to forget the legacy of Avsohm now that Maelihs controlled most of the empire's territory. Now, it is but a fleeting memory.