The Court

This book can be found in Mt. Yavhlix.

At long last - the Eye has decoded what lies in the center of that eye-shaped nebula. Unfortunately, due to how extremely dense the primal energy there is (also an amount hundreds of trillion times greater than the weapon we discovered), the image is incredibly blurry and full of static.

It suggests some sort of... hall? Pillars, arches, a throne - fit for a king. At the center of it all. At the center of everything.

I... do not know. This is beyond anything we can theorize. What does this mean?

Is it some projection?

A fragment of our own realm? Is it Lo'Dahr? Is it the birthplace of Drehmal? Could it even be where Khive created our magic? Could it be where Khive is? Perhaps its some part of the First Avihm. Hell, it might as well be the throne of Drehn Mal'Sohm himself, who knows! I don't think we'll be able to find anything else that points to it, or helps us figure out exactly what this room is.

Seems that it's really drained the Eye, moreso than usual. I guess its seen too much.