The Casain Migration & Its Impact

This book can be found in a building in Dusps.

Casai, a land far to the west, across the Gulf of Drehmal and beyond the autumnal Merijool Peninsula, faced with a great crisis at the dawn of the Third Avihm when the Avsohmic Empire fell. Maelihs cam to conquer everything from Lorahn'Kahl to Merijool. The Casain, while faithful and caring of their homeland, were planing an exodus before Maelihs could wreck havoc on their towns and cities. Many denied that Maelihs would be able to make his way all the way North to Casai, but those though were put to rest when the city stronghold of Sal'Anyr, at the heart of Anyr'Nogur, perched atop high cliffs, fell within a day. At this moment, Casai began a great migration to the East. They spread across the land, but most have here - Akhlo'Rohma. Unfortunately for them, the fall of Avsohm mean a new government rose, the Dominion of Ancehl. Ancehl was known for its corruption and its people for xenophobia. They accused the Casain as cursed peoples, who would bring the Frostfang Catastrophe1 to them. There were many decades of hatred and fighting until it came to a conclusion in the Dohval Civil War. The Dominion fell and in its place rose a new kingdom, the Kingdom of Dusps, which would be fair and kind to its peoples.

  1. The Frostfang Catastrophe - while not part of the original text, this book contains further information