The Aspects

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The Aspects are minor deities that assisted the Primal Tree in the creation of the realm before Av2. They no longer have much influence over the realm, as they wish not to interfere with it anymore. All of them are reptilian in some way, most of them being great winged beasts.


Mystic Elder Khive, Great Arcant Aspect. Khive turned magic into something usable by other deities and mortals.

Land-Fall Drake Taihgel, Great Land Aspect. Created the land and continents.

Abyssal Elder Dahr, Great Sea Aspect. Brought water to the realm and made the oceans.

Star-Rise Drake Rihelma, Great Sky Aspect. Created the skies, the clouds, and most things above our heads.


Summit-Drake Nahyn, Mountain Aspect. Child of Taihgel.

Wise Worm Koh, Aspect of Stone. Child of Nahyn.

Noha of Meadows, Aspect of Plains. Child of Taihgel. Deceased.

Lahrs, the Ever-Flourish, Aspect of Growth. Child of Noha and Vayniklah.

Water-Wyrm Dahroehl, Aspect of Water. Child of Dahr.

Tempest Palaesida, Aspect of Storms. Child of Dahr and Rihalae. Deceased.

Zephyr Rihalae, Aspect of Wind, Child of Rihelma.

Lai, the Brightwyrm, Aspect of Warmth

Infernal Lailoehn, Aspect of Fire. Child of Lai

Glacial Elder Loe, Aspect of Cold

Loeleyhn, the Avalanche, Aspect of Snow. Child of Loe.

Soul-Stealer Voynahla, Aspect of Death. Deceased.

Life-Bringer Vayniklah, Aspect of Life

Greatbeast Muhs, Aspect of Beasts. Child of Vayniklah. Deceased.

Mari, the Great Drehmari, Aspect of Man. Child of Vayniklah.

Abominate Maen, Aspect of Hate. Child of Mari.

Kind Wyrm Moen, Aspect of Love. Child of Mari.

Tethlaen, the Ever Fear, Aspect of Fear. Child of Mari. Deceased.