Shorusharoh’s Teachings

Also called The Parable of the Orchard.

This book can be found in the Drehua Temple in the [[2.2 Demo]].

I was a young scribe's apprentice in those days, traveling far away from my homeland of Palisahd, in the land called Dreh'Noha. My master, Palei, had been called for because of our people's reputation for wisdom and our ability to keep accurate records. While my master was away meeting with the local lord, I was tasked with beginning to count the total number of healthy trees in his orchard. While I began working with vigor, I soon lost motivation when I crested a small hill only to see trees stretching nearly to the horizon. Resolving to simply estimate the number of trees by doing some measurements and approximation, I decided to lay down in the shade for a nap.

I had only begun to lose consciousness when a great eruption of earth nearby shook me awake. In a panic, I grabbed my shortsword and jumped backwards. Although I feared I was being attacked by one of the dragons of old, I saw green scales and gnarled horns and knew I was with the Great Serpent, Drehmal Themselves!

The Serpent moved slowly and sluggishly, slithering forwards with what appeared to be a great lethargy. Knowing the tales of the prophets, I called out to Them: "O Great Serpent, where is your destination? Is there something I can do to assist you?"

Their head moving slightly around, one eye came to regard me, and a deep, slightly slurring voice resonated through the windy orchard: "Small one, I only ask that you have patience. A job well done can take an unfathomably long time. But when you are finally finished and there is nothing left to do, you can rest easily and contentedly. So work hard, follow your path, and do not grow frustrated when the going gets tough. Soon, you will be able to lay down your head, and your dreams will be all the sweeter."

I glanced down at my very incomplete notes with new determination, but recognizing that the Serpent was not behaving quite like the legends described, I allowed myself to ask one more question: "Great Serpent, are you unwell? I don't know what my people would do without you around to guide us."

Stopping in Their tracks for a moment, the Serpent craned Their sinuous neck towards me. "Drehmari, I have taught your people all that I know. And at last, it is time for me to rest. Please do not despair, I will not die. But my work was long, and for now I am satisfied. I am so, so proud of you. You will excel in my absence."

Tears suddenly began cascading down my face in a torrent. "We will do our best! I will do my best!"

I continued to call out to Them as they turned northward again and began traveling towards a distant lake and the three peaks beyond it.

As they moved past a rolling hill, I saw the tip of Their scaly tail seem to wave at me, and then They were gone. Filled with newfound purpose along with a great sorrow, I turned in a tear-soaked but rigorous audit sheet to my master. From then on, I lived a very patient, devoted life.