Sahd's Bloodshed

Three kingdoms ruled over the Sahd. To the north, Eruis, the south, Asahn, and to the east, Durui. They battled for centuries up until just a couple of centuries ago in the year 2803 where the conflicts were ended when a powerful arcanist by the name of Vuhsan Dehre channeled all of Sahd's rage into a single catalyst, breaking it into several pieces so it may never be rediscovered. Vuhsan became loved, praised, and worshipped, and the people of Sahd constructed a great palace atop a mountain overlooking the island. Unfortunately, Vuhsan is dead now (due to natural causes - no denizen of Sahd would dare stand in his way). The palace was passed down through the generations, to Vuhsan's children's children, but it stands dead and silent today due to unknown causes.