Priestess of Virtue's Notes

This book can be found in the Parish of Virtuo in Highfall.

I'm sick and tired of this day-by-day worship of Virtuo, the goddess who has abandoned us. My ancestors refused to worship her for a reason, and a good reason it was. In the north, Tethlaen worship is far more common, but in Highfall, they are blinded by a false hope of peace and prosperity, despite there being none since the dawn of the realm.

They always tell me that I'll be executed for my words against the city's faith, but I do not care. They are insane fanatics. They tell me that Tethlaen is dead, fell off the face of the realm. I don't believe it. Why would a deity die in such a simple manner? They must be hiding out, or they wish not to engage in Drehmari affairs, given how simple minded we can be.

Maybe, sometime in the future, I can rebuild the old Chapel of Tethlaen. But that won't happen as long as our current ruler is in charge.