Letter from Thresa

This book can be found in the [[Exodus Citadel]].

Dear Gohri,

What we've found down here is... I cannot even begin to describe it. I wish not to burden you with the knowledge of this discovery, but, perhaps in our future meeting we can discuss it. I know you've talked about wanting to die alongside me, so... but I'd hate to live with the knowledge that I doomed you. But I suppose it is necessary for our project.

I think we'll call it the Primal Meltdown Plan... or something along those lines. I really hope I'm wrong with my hypothesis, because this whole thing is mortifying.

Vehmil is in fact done with his work. He contracted a few workers to create the temporal stasis chamber at the Primal Caverns - why he chose that place is beyond me, to be honest. But apparently, it works.

We just need to find some volunteers to get their memories wiped and sent to the chamber. A few people in my circle know of the plan and might be willing to volunteer.

Glad to hear your work on avSYS has gone well. I'm sure the officers at the Exodus Citadel are quite lax with the whole thing - nobody is taking the Mythbreaker Protocols seriously, unfortunately.

As for your meeting request... maybe, hopefully. I wish to see you again.