Calendar of Drehmal

This book can be found in Okeke.

The Realm of Drehmal, in its ever-fluctuating, turbulent history, has a fitting yearly cycle of moon phases and times of celebration.

Torahnic Cycles are measured in 30 hour periods. The Torahn is a massive, pufferfish-esque creature that rotates around the realm, illuminating the world in a brilliant light (The Torahn was discovered to be living by Ranai Vuhnos, a controversial Casain researcher, during the Age of Magic). It is unknown how the Torahn is able to output such immense energy, but it is believed to gather strength while it is "resting" beneath the realm. It shines for 15 hours, then falls behind the horizon for another 15.

A new month begins roughly every 5 weeks , which is 5 Torahnic Cycles. A new Lorahnlar is marked by the moon, the Lorahn, changing color.

Lar - Day

Huvahnlar - Week

Lorahnlar - Month

Torahnlar - Year

Yvyanlar - Decade

Ivahnlar - Century

These Rihselch names are still in use today but most prefer the common versions.


Rise Creation

The most peaceful time of the year, marks the renewal of the moon.

Lorahn Phase:

Black; obscured by shadow


Sun Beginning

Warmest month of the year. Days are long and it rarely rains.

Lorahn Phase:

Shimmering blue crescent


Sun End

In between the warmest and coldest months of the year. Days are of average length, and it rains a good amount.

Lorahn Phase:

Shimmering red half-moon


Cold Bringer

Coldest month of the year. Days are short and it snows a lot.

Lorahn Phase: Shimmering red waxing moon


Cold Rest

A peaceful month full of holidays. It is still cold, but it has stopped snowing, causing the previous layers to melt away.

Lorahn Phase: Waxing moon


Ocean Rise

Extreme tide changes throughout the month. The ocean will rise and fall drastically. Flooding and droughts are common during this month.

Lorahn Phase: Full white moon


Pure Soul

A month to celebrate Virtuo.

Lorahn Phase: Full shimmering blue moon


Chaos Soul

A month to remind the denizens of Drehmal that there is a grave evil in this otherwise peaceful land.

Lorahn Phase:

Full shimmering red moon


Neutral Soul

A month to celebrate Drehmal and the land that we have made into our home.

Lorahn Phase:

Full shimmering yellow moon