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Av2 1813 - Uses of Primal Energy

This book can be found in the [[Exodus Citadel]].

The source discovered deep within the primary energy collection facility has granted us near unlimited amounts of Primal Energy, which has bolstered our technological capabilities. With this newfound power, we can perform magical actions that only the deities could do.

Storing this powerful energy is difficult, however. Luckily, we have access to Rehntite, an incredibly durable mineral with a nigh infinite amount of potentia, allowing the storage of Primal Energy. With Rehntite, we are able to make Primal Catalysts which store and relay energy.

These catalysts are quite volatile and cannot touch any solid surface without risks, so they are placed on magnetic pillars which allow them to float. Despite their volatility, they can last for an extremely long time, predicted to be several millenia.