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Av2 1812 - Mythbreaker Protocols

This book can be found in the [[Exodus Citadel]].

Emperor Anyr has ordered the creation of a series of protocols in case the gathering of the volatile Primal Energy within the primary collection facility goes haywire. This had led us, Blue Exodus, to get directly involved in the operation, because of our extensive resources.

Note that this information cannot be given to anyone under any circumstances. Punishments include temporal stasis, several lifetimes in a max security prison, or death. This document is to be given only to Avsohmic and Blue Exodus officials of the highest position.

The first step in these protocols is to inform only the most trusted and high ranking Avsohmic officers of these protocols and train them. They will also receive small battalions of soldiers to assist them on their journey. Of course, they are not to tell the soldiers what they are doing.

The second step is to create several activation towers and a pseudo-pocket dimension that allows for easy travel. These activation towers would also need to be... well, activated, in order to reopen the Yavhlix facility in this event. This is to ensure that only those with knowledge of the towers and their locations will be able to reopen the facility, as we cannot let this information fall into the wrong hands. These towers can also be used later, by us, and perhaps common folk, for infrastructure and transportation.

The third and final step is create an override mechanism to bypass the shutdown procedure at Yavhlix to open the main gate. Once opened, the individual(s) and a group of soldiers will enter the facility and fix whatever lead to the shutdown. They are expected to deal with maddened workers as the Yavhlix facility is known to do that (cause unknown), so thats why the assisting soldiers are crucial to the plan.

These protocols would only go into action if all other precautions fail. This is assuming that contact with Yavhlix is lost, which is highly improbable - but it is still possible.

Thank you for your time. You have all been sent further instructions on what to do to set up the Mythbreaker Protocols.