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Av2 1675 - Top Secret

This book can be found in Sal'Mevir.

The Avsohmic High Court has recently made the punishment for revealing the Yavhlix construction project even more severe. A representative came here and said that if any public knowledge was traced back to us, we would face an eternity in temporal stasis.

I wonder why they want to keep it so secret. I understand wanting to keep the energy to yourselves but I think the fact that we have so much energy is common knowledge now. Hell, nearly everyone knows about Yavhlix and how that's where the energy comes from. It's just so few people outside of the construction workers have been inside there. I've heard rumors of people going insane in there, but... they're just rumors, right? I understand that this primal energy stuff is incredibly volatile and dangerous, yet Avsohm must be taking precautions against that, right?

It just doesn't make sense to me. There has to be something else going on in that mountain.