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Av2 1647 - Frostfang Catastrophe

Av2 1647 - Frostfang Catastrophe can be found in Sal'Mevir.

An ecological disaster has struck. With the ongoing skirmish between the Frostfang Tribes and Avsohm over the land surrounding Mt. Yavhlix, tensions have been high. Homli Tasgahn, a member of the Tribes, used his unlimited potentia to push back Avsohmic forces... but something went wrong. Homli managed to create an intense blizzard that increased in size and severity until it grew out of control. That blizzard has enveloped the entire North. Faehrcyle, the Gulf, Merijool, and Casai have all been affected by this catastrophe. The land surrounding the mining operation at Mt. Yavhlix has become uninhabitable. While this sounds bad, this means we can continue the operation without interference. We have the technology to withstand the cold.