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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia



AvSYS is an AI that tells the player where to go in the main story and operates the tower teleportation system. AvSYS also manages the material exchange unit in [[The Terminus]].


AvSYS was seemingly created by the Blue Exodus (see Blue, Red, and Green) organization on Emperors_of_Avsohm#Emperor Anyr's orders, as part of the Mythbreaker Protocols. It was later reprogrammed by Gohri to send those put into stasis to Sal'Mevir and the [[Exodus Citadel]] to learn what happened and how to shut down the [[Primary Collection Facility]].

The recoding of avSYS is mentioned in the following books: Thresa's Journal, Letter from Gohri, Letter from Thresa, while we can assume that the creation of the AI is part of the protocols mentioned in Av2 1812 - Mythbreaker Protocols.