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  • Date of birth: Av2 0
  • Species: Deity

Virtuo, one of The Three Deities, is the Goddess of Peace, Purity, and Perfection. Born from the destruction of the Primal Tree, she appears as a beautiful woman in a flowing blue gown, with purple hair and light pink eyes. She is worshipped by most of Drehmal's inhabitants for her benevolent nature, yet stays inaccessible because of her perfection. Unfortunately, she went dormant in Av3 978, marking the start of the Fourth Avihm.

The Virmari

The Virmari are Drehmari that have been ascended by Virtuo. The process to become a Virmari involves making a pilgrimage across the continent to the Kiln of Virtuo and receiving judgement from Virtuo herself. Becoming a Virmari requires utmost, almost unrealistic perfection, so these graceful beings are uncommon. Since they are praised for their perfection, they have huge, inflated egos, yet are still respected by nearly everyone in the realm. They also very rarely have children out of fear that they will not be as perfect as Virtuo expects. In past ages of war, Virmari were commonly deployed as elite soldiers of purity to carry out Virtuo’s will and protect the land from Mael’s pursuit of control.

They have crystalline horns (that can be cut off like Drehmari), fair skin tone that is occasionally a light bluish color, and are typically very physically fit. Average lifespan of a Virmari is up to 1500 years.

Virtuo's Territory

Virtuo does not really hold a region under her power: her influence is purely spiritual, spread by those who believe in her. Her sanctum is [[the Kiln]], located on an island near Firteid in the Black Jungle region.