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United Tribal Merijool


  • Type of government: Loose Confederation of Tribes
  • Head of State: Chiefs (?)
  • Capital: None known
  • Official language: Rihselch - Common Mixture (Transition)
  • State religious body: Lai Worship, Loe Worship
  • Date of establishment: Sometime after Av2 1000
  • Date of dissolution: Av2 1412
  • Era(s): Second Avihm

United Tribal Merijool (Unofficial Name) was a period in time after the Deity War when Merijool was peacefully united. Various Merian tribes joined together in a loose confederation. During this period, three major cities began to emerge. In addition, differences between the East and West began to emerge, leading to the eventual disunion of the two halves. This disunion would form two kingdoms: West Merijool and East Merijool, split by the Great Merijool River.