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Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia


The Mythoclast is an otherwordly being who lives in the Court. Described as more powerful than Drehmal themselves, he is probably the most powerful creature known.

The Mythoclast controls the fate of everything in the universe. He reuses and recycles the things that pass before his Court where he decides their path in this endless web of destinies. His Court is located in the heart of Nothing, a plane that he seems to be able to manipulate as he pleases.

In his eyes, his actions are necessary, even if they are misunderstood by mortals, aspects and deities, whom he considers inferior to him in every way. Despite his immense power, he likes to play with mortals, going so far as to offer the avsohmic copy of his most powerful weapon, named Mythbreaker, to one of them. His personality is taunting and he tends to be snarky.

The Mythoclast controls several creatures who carry out tasks and eliminate those who are a nuisance to him:

  • a humanoid creature armed with the mythical scythe Oblivion. It is responsible for sabotaging [[The Origin|the Stasis Facility]].
  • a monster capable of consuming reality and turning it into Nothing. It is responsible for the disappearance of Avsohm's high ranking officers, the fall of the empire and the disappearance of Castle Hovadchear.
  • the Aspect of Fear [[Tethlaen]], whom he lured to the far north of the world before trapping him in Nothing and making him his puppet.
  • Ultva Utofal and Hovadchear Myrik[7], the founders of the [[Order of Insohm]], who also became his puppets.