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  • Date of birth: Av2 0
  • Species: Deity

Maelihs (or Mael), one of The Three Deities, is the God of Chaos, Conflict, and Corruption. Born from the destruction of the Primal Tree, he is described as a giant, 30-foot tall man covered head-to-toe in heavy metal armor. Curved horns sprout out the sides of his head and he wields a greatsword made of red metal. He works towards pure and utter evil, starting wars for the sake of war.

The Maelmari

The Maelmari are Drehmari and Virmari that have been twisted and corrupted by Maelihs to mock Virtuo and Drehmal's creations. Drehmari are typically captured and brought to the Carmine, Mael’s hellish sanctum in the far southwest, and transformed using chaotic rites and runes. After their mutation, Maelmari are used as simple cannon fodder in Mael’s wars. Maelmari reproduce rapidly as to further expand the armies. They also try to escape frequently, but only a few are successful. After that, they live as outcasts and suffer from racism due to being the creation of the realm’s most despised being.

Maelmari have multiple skin tones, all based on reds, oranges, and yellows. They have multiple stubby horns sprouting out of their body, with larger ones being on their head. Because of their twisted form, they live to a max of 40 years if they are free from Mael. If not, the average would be five.

Mael's Wars

  • The Deities' War during the First Avihm
  • The Dune Wars during the Second Avihm
  • The War against Insohm and the Battle for Drehmal during the Third Avihm

Mael's Territory

Although Maelihs has been gone for centuries, his troops still hold most of the West: Tharxax Plains#South Tharxax, the Ebony Veldt, [[Mt. Ebonfire]], the Carmine, the Crimson Gorge and the Hellcrags are under his domination. He also rules the cities of Ebonrun and Tharxax City, where the population must serve him. His shrine, the [[Burnt Palace]], is located at the centre of the Hellcrags.

He also permanently scarred the realm by wiping out half the Heartwood with a skullbeast, leaving behind what is now known as Mael's Desolation and destroying part of the west coast of Anyr'Nogur.