Hovad and Ultva

Malevolentia Please note that this page contains some major spoilers! Malevolentia

Ultva Utofal and Hovadchear Myrik were the two founders of the [[Order of Insohm]], a kingdom union, that was unlike the [[Avsohmic Empire]], as the Avsohm were an empire with one source of law, while the Order of Insohm was a more loose union. They founded the order during the Third Avihm, year 560 after centuries of war between the two deities Virtuo and Maelihs.

After Ultva and Hovadchear's death, they were turned into some sort of puppets by the Mythoclast. The duo appears as the final boss of the map in the postgame quest, and serve as the final challenge for the player before obtaining [[Mythbreaker]]. They are fought in The Court.