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Empire of Avsohm


  • Type of government: Empire
  • Head of State: Emperors of Avsohm
  • Capital: Ihted (1535-1600), Av'sal (1600-1820)
  • State religious body: Emperor Worship (Primarily), regional beliefs
  • Date of establishment: Av2 1535
  • Date of dissolution: Av2 1820
  • Era(s): Second Avihm

The Empire of Avsohm was an immensely powerful state that stretched from Faehrcyle to Anyr'Nogur. Its main goal was to unite the continent of Drehmal, and prepare it for another Diety War. It was reformed from the Chosen Kingdom, a strong Kingdom that ruled the Central Plains1. Prior to Av2 1615, Avsohm had access to primarily medieval technology2. After this time period however, Avsohm gained access to high potentia crystals, allowing them to rapidly increase technologically. They powered this technology using Primal Energy, tapped into at Mt. Yavhlix3. At their peak, their power was comparable to that of the gods. The Dune Wars marked the downfall of the Empire.


The name "Avsohm" comes from the Rihselch word for "One Group." 4



The Government of Avsohm was headed by the Emperors of Avsohm. It was effectively totalitarian, with the Emperors having full control over the workings of the Empire. It can be inferred that there was provincial government due to the size of the empire, however they would likely not have had much influence5. There is one example of decentralized government being practiced within the Empire during the reign of Drehn Mal’Sohm. Avsohm had recently gained control of the [[Tharhan Empire]] in Av2 1546. It was an empire separated from Avsohm by a mountain range. For a few decades (give or take), Avsohm would’ve allowed Tharhan to govern themselves. This would change once Avsohm gained access to effective routes to and from the Tharhan Lands6.

In the Map

Evidence of Avsohm is very widespread across the map and in the Main Questline. Nearly everywhere you go you can find ruins of their cities, structures, and fortresses (one of which is still inhabited). The Towers and the Terminus were both created by Avsohm. Along with the locations linked to you at [[Sal'Mevir|25%]] tower completion, [[Exodus Citadel|50%]] completion, and [[Mt. Yavhlix|100%]] completion. Nearly anything relating to advanced technology, like the Teleportation Pier in Athrah, relates to this Empire.

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