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Emperors of Avsohm

Throughout Avsohm's 285 years of history, it has been ruled by Three Emperors. These Emperors had supreme authority within the Empire, leaving them as the most powerful individuals in the realm during their reigns. One of these Emperors even took that power to the next level, and portrayed himself as a god.

Drehn Mal'Sohm (Reign: Av2 1535 - Av2 1687)

Drehn Mal'sohm was the first of the Avsohmic Emperors. He originally was the King of the Chosen Kingdom, but reformed the state into Avsohm. Under his reign, the Empire prospered. A new capital, Av'Sal was built, and Avsohm's influence spread throughout the realm. It was under his rule that Avsohm gained access to new, powerful technology and learned about the uses of Primal Energy and High Potentia Crystals. When Drehn Mal'sohm died in Av2 1687, the Empire was plunged into chaos. The ideals he formed the Empire on were forgotten, and the Avsohmic Dark Ages began.

Zorhis Ifeihl (Reign: Av2 1695 - Av2 1761)

Compared to the other Emperors, not much is known about Zorhis Ifeihl. What is known is that he was originally well loved by the population when he ascended the throne. He restarted the construction project in [[Mt. Yavhilx]], and began to plan an attack on Maelihs. This was a generally popular stance at the time. That popularity took a sharp hit due to his management of the war with the [[Tri-Moon Theocracy]]. After the creation of a massive undead army in Lorahn'Kahl to combat Mael's increasing raids, it was decided that the Theocracy had to be dealt with. An assassination attempt against the High Priests was supported by Avsohm. However, this assassination meant that the undead army was no longer under control. They raided much of Avsohmic territory, even reaching as far as the central plains. He was unable to deal with the problem effectively, and went as far as raising an army of commoners to fight the horde. That attempt ended up as a failure. He stepped down after this defeat, and was immediately replaced by a new Emperor.

Uffhiel Anyr (Reign: Av2 1761 - Av2 1820)

Uffhiel Anyr was a skillful general, making him the most likely pick as Emperor after Emperor Ifeihl's military failures. It can be assumed that he dealt with the undead horde much better than his predecessor, as it does not make an appearance in Avsohmic politics. That could also be because of the much larger threat Maelihs posed at the time. In Av2 1765, after Maelihs sent a small portion of his army to combat Avsohm at the edge of [Carmine|his sanctum], Emperor Anyr ordered the construction of a large military complex - a city-stronghold of sorts - in The Golden Sands (which was renamed Anyr'Nogur after the Emperor). [[Sal'Anyr]] was built over the spiritual city of Sal'Iloh, built by the Casains during their colonial times. Emperor Anyr moved his seat of power from Av'Sal to Sal'Anyr, in order to be closer to the front lines. He portrayed himself as a god, reveling in his own power and influence. Under his reign, the source of Primal Energy in Mt. Yavhilx was discovered, and contact with the facility was subsequently lost. It can be assumed that he died (or was reduced to nothing) in Av2 1820, when most of Avsohm's government disappeared. The Avsohmic Empire collapsed there and then, and Maelihs easily conquered most of their territories - after relatively minor resistance in the Dune Wars.