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  • Date of birth: Av2 0
  • Species: Deity

Drehmal (not to be confused with the land of Drehmal), one of The Three Deities, is the Final Aspect and represent neutrality, creation, and balance. Born from the destruction of the Primal Tree, they're described as a gargantuan white wyrm with great, tree-like antlers and a dangling leafy beard. They sometimes appear to pilgrims and worshippers, but also to thieves, and always give wise advice to those who listen to them. They rest now, but their influence is unthinkable, having the ability to reform the realm at will.

Drehmal's Territory

As the creator of the land of Drehmal, their influence can be seen all over the map. However, most of their worshippers live in the Capital Valley or the Palisades Heath, where their sanctum, the Drehua Temple, is located.