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Dominion of Ancehl

  • Type of government: Kingdom
  • Head of State: King of Ancehl
  • Capital: Ancehl
  • State religious body: Virtuo Worship
  • Date of establishment: c. Av2 1300
  • Date of dissolution: c. Av2 1600, C. Av3 100
  • Date of restoration: Av3 0 (As Grand Dominion of Dohval)
  • Era(s): Second and Third Avihm


The Dominion of Ancehl was a Kingdom that Ruled Akhlo'Rohma from c. the Av2 1300s to c. Av3 100, with a 200 year gap when Avsohm ruled Akhlo'Rohma. It was formed by separatists from the Chosen Kingdom, who took over land from small tribes and kingdoms that previously ruled the region. It was well known for being a bastion of trade, all the while being a hotspot for racism and xenophobia. This ultimately lead to its downfall, when it was overthrown in a rebellion by oppressed Casain migrants.

In the Map

In the map, evidence of Ancehl is found in various locations throughout Akhlo'Rohma. Two major locations include the ruins of Ancehl, located on a plateau on a peninsula overlooking the [[Resting River]] to the south. The other major location is the Crypts of Akhlo'Rohma, which were built by Avsohm during the 200 year interlude.