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Chosen Kingdom

  • Type of government: Kingdom
  • Head of State: Grandlord Ehlvai (Av2 1280 - ?), Rohdirk Mal’sohm (? - Av2 1522), Drehn Mal'Sohm (Av2 1535)
  • Capital: Old Drabyel
  • Date of establishment: Av2 1280
  • Date of dissolution: Av2 1535 (reformed into [[Avsohm]])
  • Era(s): Second Avihm


The Chosen Kingdom was a powerful Kingdom in the Capital Valley (Central Plains), which was made up of peoples from four unified tribes in the region: Drahbes (the strongest, which unified the tribes under Drabyel), Harhel (founders of Ihted), Brytahn (equal in strength to Harhel, founders of Bryweh), and Morilahn (the weakest, founders of Morihs). The people of the Kingdom believed that they were chosen by Drehmal to create a Kingdom that spanned the realm. In the later years of the Kingdom, the bureaucracy was full of corruption, and in need of reform. This happened when Drehn Mal'sohm reformed the Kingdom into the [[Avsohmic Empire]].


The Chosen Kingdom was named based on their belief that they were chosen by Drehmal to create a Kingdom which spanned the realm.

In the Map

Not much remains of the Chosen Kingdom in the map. The ruins of Ihted are the only ones still visible in the present day. They are located on the east bank of the Primal River flowing from the Eye of Drehmal (Primal Caverns). The Chosen Kingdom is mentioned in the lore book The Rise and Fall of Avsohm located in New Drabyel.