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Please note that this page contains MAJOR spoilers.


It is suggested to read the advancement descriptions as you obtain them in game. They may obtain extra lore, easter eggs, or coordinates and story progression.

Here is a list of the advancements and how to obtain them:

Spoiler: Civilization
Achievement Description How-to
Children of Drehmal All Drehmari are welcome here. Stay and rest, tomorrow can wait Discover Drabyel
City of Tides Once ruled by a tyrannic Tide-Queen, now they are free Discover Firteid
It was made for me! How far does this thing go...? Discover something below Tidal Palace
The Old Guard This fortress has remained standing since the reign of Avsohm, hundreds of years ago Discover Fort Nimahj
Jewel of Casai Once an important trade port, thanks to their now-dysfunctional Teleportation Pier Discover Athrah
Children of Mael Perhaps one day they will break free from the chains Maelihs has put on them Discovered Ebonrun
WUPOM (Wealthy Under Protection of Mael) They believe themselves to be under 'protection' of Maelihs. How naive Discover Tharxax City
Village of Three Moons Lorahn'Kahl was once home to the Tri-Moon Theocracy, a cult-kingdom of jungle necromancers. This village was established long after their fall. Discover Mohta
People of the Heartwood Once proud guardians of the forest, they now hide away after half of it was destroyed Discover Gozak
Village of Autumn Merijool used to be a jungle, but with the Frostfang Catastrophe it slowly changed into an autumnal forest Discover Okeke
The Painted City Regarded as the largest and more beautiful city in present-day Drehmal, Dusps is a marvel of architecture and commerce... if you aren't in poverty, that is Discover Dusps
Children of Virtuo Everything in the East is under the protection of Virtuo and her angelic Virmari Discover [[New Mossfield]]
The Forgotten City The island of Sahd was wiped from history by Firteid's Tide-Queen, leaving them in isolation for hundreds of years. Discover New Sahd
Impoverished Nobles Highfall was once exceptionally wealthy, but now trade has ceased and the once-noble people have fell to poverty Discover Highfall
Spoiler: Primordial
**Achievement ** **Description ** **How-to **
The Rogue Deft and swift, The Rogue stalks the night. As a rogue you have gained notorious speed. Use it wisely. Choose the Rogue class.
The Paladin The Paladin, a holy crusader of light and purity. Through your devotion to Virtuo you have been granted vitality far greater than the average Drehmari's Choose the Paladin class
The Warrior A hulking brute with the temper of a Greybison in heat. As The Warrior, you can deal blows faster and with more precision than any other Choose the Warrior class
Mythbreaker An eldritch secret rests at Drehmal's heart. With it lies the truth of an ancient civilization's fall. Welcome to Drehmal
Place Between Places You feel like your atoms weren't properly rearranged. Oh well. Enter [[the Terminus]]
Scientific Progress avSYS has requested your presence at an "Ancillary Research Facility"... whatever that means. lat2250 lon997 Restore Network Linkage to 25%
Hunt for Exodus avSYS has summoned you to the Exodus Citadel: lat-2588 lon2220 Restore [[Story ProgressionNetwork Linkage to 50%]]
Administrative Privileges avSYS has deemed you worthy of additional Terminus privileges. You can now open the door to the Administrative Chamber. Restore [[Story ProgressionNetwork Linkage to 75%]]
Mythbreaker Protocols Active avSYS has successfully executed Mythbreaker Protocols. The Mountain of Madness awaits: lat1841 lon-4266 Achieve [[Story ProgressionFull Network Linkage]]
At The Mountain of Madness Here you will find only Nothing Enter Mt. Yavhlix
Myth-Slayer At what cost? Defeat [[Tethlaen]] within Mt. Yavhlix and achieve Nothing
Cast-Aside Thoughts What's Rightfully his has been reclaimed. Travel east of the painted city, a fallen fragment from the home of the deities. Progress the main story
Primal Mind Why are you doing this? Deep within the mountain of holes, lies a place that will empty your soul. [[Resonant Halls
Primal Soul Those halls sapped a part of your soul that you will never get back. Atop the island of the rising sun, an entrance to the hall of a king. A place where Nothing can be won, at the heart of everything. Progress the main story
Primal Heart As Hovadchear fell, you swear you heard him say "thank you". Return to the place where you had risen, lest you wish not to be chosen. [[The Origin
Spoiler: Weapons of Legend - Mythical

Few weapons achieve this status. Uncovering an immensely powerful Mythical Weapon requires skill of the highest caliber. | Achievement ** | Description ** | **How-to ** | |------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------| | Calamity | Recipe for Calamity, claws of a vanquished Skullbeast, unlocked | Find Calamity | | Ascendance | Recipe for the sword of the Ascendance, channeler of divinity, unlocked | Find Ascendence | | Malevolentia | Recipe for Malevolentia, Maelihs' cast aside weapon, unlocked | Find Malevolentia | | Oblivion | Recipe for Oblivion, scythe of the Pawn of Nothing, unlocked | Find Oblivion | | Frenzy | Recipe for Frenzy, the condensed hatred of Sahd, unlocked | Find Frenzy | | Mythbreaker | Recipe for Mythbreaker, a gift to commemorate Nothing, unlocked | Find Mythbreaker |

Spoiler: Weapons of Legend - Legendary

[[Legendary Weapons|Some weapons are greater than your standard blade.]] One of a kind, only found in guarded or secret locations. | Achievement ** | Description ** | **How-to ** | |---------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------| | Avsohm'Kohl | Recipe for Avsohm'Kohl, wings of a civilization long past, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Avsohm'Kohl|Avsohm'Kohl]] | | The FrostFang | Recipe for the Frostfang, the signature weapon of Homli Tahsgan, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Frostfang|Frostfang]] | | Spider Bucker | Recipe for the Spider Buckler, defender of Warriors, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Spider Buckler|Spider Buckler]] | | Ultva's Bowblade | Recipe for Ultva's Bowblade, Master Ultva of Insohm's weapon of choice, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Ultva's Bowblade|Ultva's Bowblade]] | | Peace Treaty | Recipe for Peace Treaty, the symbol of undying alliances, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Peace Treaty|Peace Treaty]] | | Rehntite Plate Mail | Recipe for Rehntite Plate Mail, experimental armor of Avsohmic arcanists, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Rehntite Plate Mail|Rehntite Plate Mail]] | | Emperor Anyr's Scepter | Recipe for the Emperor Anyr's Sceptor, the tool of the last emperor of Avsohm, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Emperor Anyr's Scepter|Emperor Anyr's Scepter]] | | Osteogenesis | Recipe for Osteogenesis, the bane of Skullbeasts, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Osteogenesis|Osteogenesis]] | | Hovadchear's Greathammer | Recipe for Hovadchear's Greathammer, famed weapon of Master Hovadchear of Insohm, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Hovadchear's Greathammer|Hovadchear's Greathammer]] | | Voidtear Dagger | Recipe for the Voidtear Dagger, a weapon of odd interdimensional properties, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Voidtear Dagger|Voidtear Dagger]] | | One Thousand Scars | Recipe for One Thousand Scars, the ancient blade of the First Avihm, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#One Thousand Scars|One Thousand Scars]] | | The Heartaxe | Recipe for the Heartaxe, weapon of fables, unlocked | FInd [[Legendary Weapons#The Heartaxe|The Heartaxe]] | | Masayoshi | Recipe for Masayoshi, the deceased Queen's ancient blade, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Masayoshi|Masayoshi]] | | Falcon Shield | Recipe for the Falcon Shield, protector of Rogues, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Falcon Shield|Falcon Shield]] | | Orchidaceae | Recipe for the Orchidaceae, a treasure hunter's favorite, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Orchidaceae|Orchidaceae]] | | Dragon Greatshield | Recipe for the Dragon Greatshield, aegis of Paladins, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Dragon Greatshield|Dragon Greatshield]] | | Crystal Digging Claw | Recipe for the Crystal Digging Claw, tool of pride, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Crystal Digging Claw|Crystal Digging Claw]] | | Flammer | Recipe for the Flammer, the explosive mining tool, unlocked | Find [[Legendary Weapons#Flammer|Flammer]] |

Spoiler: Discoveries
**Achievement ** **Description ** **How-to **
The Insohmic Library After the disappearance of Castle Hovadchear, this was the Order of Insohm's Headquarters. Discover the Old Library Tower
I'm on the moooon... it's made of cheese Why do I feel so much lighter? Discover a [[sunken Astral Body]]
Divine Ruins How did this get here...? Discover a fragmented shrine of Lo'Dahr
Domain of Maelihs Burnt God of War, Chaos and Destruction Discover the Hellcrags
The Burnt Palace Few have entered the Burnt Palace and left to tell the tale. May Virtuo be with ye Discover [[the Burnt Palace]]
Domain of Virtuo Goddess of Peace, Purity, and Perfection Discovered [[The Kiln
Capital of War Sal'Anyr's fall marked the beginning of the Dune Wars, and the start of the third Avihm Discover the ruins of Sal'Anyr
Remnant of Avsohm Once Avsohm's great capital city, it is now merely a remnant of an idyllic golden age Discover Av'Sal
Meat. They're made out of meat. Who wants to meet meat? Discovered the [[The Carmine
The Lost Cavern Ages ago, Avsohm used this cave to gather Rehntite, and incredible strong mineral with untold arcane potential. Unfortuntately, the method of extraction has been lost to time. Discovered the [[Rehntite Cave]]
Wall of the West BIG WALL Discovered [[Maerhn'Vhos]]
Vault of Knowledge Avsohm stored scores of knowledge within expansive hidden libraries and vaults across the realm. Discovered the last Avsohmic Vault
A Mountain of Holes This mountain emanates a strange, resonating energy. You feel... empty. Journey to Mt. Yavhlix
Resonant Walls The emptiness of your soul feels strongest here. Discover the [[Resonant Halls
The Beast's Den Greatbeast Muhs, Aspect of Beasts, was hunted down and murdered in Av2 1583 by a group wishing to attain his power. In the end, they failed Discover [[the Underwood]], den of Greatbeast Muhs
The Scarred Castle The Order of Insohm used this castle as a base of operations as they reconquered the land from Maelihs. The castle fell to ruin after political instability destroyed the order Discover Castle Scarstone
The Court Face ultimate judgement Enter the [[Court of Nothing]]
Chamber of Dreams Drehmal Slumbers deep below, perhaps one day they will awaken Step into the entrance of [[the Primal Caverns]]
All That Remains Avsohm was highly technologically advanced, yet they still fell to ruin Discover [[the Exodus Citadel]]
Disappearing Act The Order of Insohm had their Headquarters here, now it's just a crater. What could have done this? Discover the [[Castle Hovadchear Crater]]
Grave of Frost A master arcanist of unlimited potentia, he froze the north in rebellion to Avsohm. Discover the [[resting place of Homli Tahsgan]]
Ohh, bouncy! Do you think it's alive? Discovered the [[Slime Island]]
The Moonlight Sanctum The Tri-Moon Theocracy used this place as a necrotic engine. Using the potentia of strange aquatic creatures, they performed abhorrent rituals and raised thousands of undead Discover [[the Moonlight Sanctum]]
Temporal Ruins An ancient city of science and knowledge, locked in a temporal stasis preventing structural degradation Discover Sal'Mevir
This place was beautiful, once Half the Heartwood, gone in an instant Discover the epicentre of Mael's Desolation